About Anmar Shah

Celebrity trainer Anmar Shah known as AnmarFit 

Fitness entrepreneur and social media influencer, Since AnmarFit has launched his online fitness program he has helped thousands of people get in shape by losing excess weight and building muscles. 
AnmarFit graduated as a personal trainer in 2015 from the National Federation of Professional Trainers. He has been an athlete in the 100 meter sprint, and a member of the Saudi national team and the Jeddah Ittihad Club. Anmar is also a qualified trainer and sport nutritionist from the National Organization of Professional Trainers in America.

AnmarFit has had the fortune to train under the best sports coaches from around the world. He also loves all sports and has tried most of them in his eventful career, going on to become an integrated athlete. He accumulated a rich experience in nutrition and training for over seven years, and then decided to share his knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.

AnmaFit has achieved over 13 million views on YouTube with 240k subscribers.

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